Tuesday, 3 July 2018

El Cueto

Walk Summary
El Cueto 1362m, P644 situated in Espacio Natural Montes Obarenes. Translates to Rocky Hill, certainly lives up to it's name. Hardest (best) day of trip so far. Careful route finding around 100m sheer cliffs north and below Alto de la Mota. Grade III scramble up final gully and 1319m spot height to gain Alto de la Mota ridge. Bushwacked good and proper to the extent I had to give up 300m short of summit approached from the SE. Returned to track (usually best to stay on a track, the lessons come quick and fast on this trip!) to follow it south of the summit and double back to access up path to radio mast from the NW which was conveniently fenced off below the summit. Spectacular views to the north over sheer drop. Returned back the way I came. 15.52km with 914.3m of ascent in 5hrs 12mins.
Once again ended up walking in hot afternoon sun. 
Feel like I am going to need a rest day tomorrow to recover. Seems I am only going to manage one summit per day unless there is a very short walk in or I can avoid the afternoon sun. Mind you out of the eight walking days available so far I have managed six major summits so not really doing too bad. Having not walked in hot summer conditions like this before it is quite clear that walking in what you would consider 'good' weather can be more problematic than walking in cold 'bad' weather. Really important to keep yourself hydrated and electrolytes in balance.

Walk Statistics
Walk Date - 03 July 2018
Walkers - Steve Smith
Start Point - Opposite access path to El Collado on A-4324 to Sobrón Alto (N42°46'18" W3°6'26")
Start Time - 10:35
Finish Point Under BI-636 flyover near La Quadra do Arriba (N43°13'29" W3°1'1")
Finish Time- 15:48
Total Duration - 5hrs 13mins 
Overall Average pace - 1.85mph
Total Distance Walked - 9.64 miles
Total Height Ascended - 914.30metres

Peaks visited
Spain/Portugal 600m Prominence Peaks (168S - 185S&P - 2165E)
El Cueto (9S - 10S&P - 38E)
Spain/Portugal 300m - 599m Prominence Peaks (1000+)
Spain/Portugal 150m - 299m Prominence Peaks (3000+)
Spain Autonomous Community High Points (19)
Spain Province High Points (52)
S: Spain
P: Portugal

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More Photographs
Spectacular views to the east towards Alto de la Mota from El Cueto summit
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