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NE Spanish P600s
27 Jan 2019 - 02 Feb2019
A long time since I posted on this page.
Seem to be spending more tme walking so less time for writing about plans.
The two P600s outside Barcelona; Montserrat-Sant Jeroni and TurĂ³ de l'Home then see how deep we can get in to the SE Pyrenees around Berga.
8 possible summits planned for next 6 days.
Will be well chuffed if get 5 or 6 done.

February 2016 - Welshpool Marilyns & Dolgellau Nuttalls
22 Feb 2016 - 20 Mar 2016
Three trips in one.
First part 22 Feb - 04 Mar
Initially planned as a 3 week trip to allow plenty of time to reacquire my hill legs, core strength and aerobic fitness on the 8 Marilyns around Welshpool.
Then moving on to be based around Dolgellau to complete the remaining 10 of the 12 Nuttalls of Cadair Idris and complete all in one trip the 14 Nuttalls of the Arans. I felt this would have been easily achievable leaving any spare time to mop any unclimbed Marilyns in both of the above areas.
Second part 07 Mar - 15 Mar
Just a short break to allow for a weekend return to Suffolk and my darling wife Gina to celebrate Mothers Day with her.
Then following return to Dolgellau area to either finish the above Nuttalls and/or resume the years main focus of Marilyns.
There are only 10 Marilyns in Cadair Idris area, 3 in The Arans, 7 of which are Nuttalls anyway leaving only 4 unclimbed (I already went up Ffridd Cocyn and Gamallt on the last trip)
In the unlikely event I finish these I can drift a little south and pick of a number of the isolated Marilyns between Aberystwith, Rhayader and Newtown
Third part 15 Mar - 18/20 Mar
Meeting Gina at Birmingham Rail Station we will move on to North Wales based Llandudno (Glan-Conwy) Premier Inn. From there we will be walking stretches of the Offas Dyke Path passing over the 6 Marilyn summits along the Clwydian Range. Not forgetting Great Orme north of Llandudno. Happens to be a Marilyn but rather than walking from the town centre we will catch the tram and enjoy the ride leaving time and energy to enjoy the views, heritage and wild life this National Trust site has to offer.

January 2015 - Moffat
then Winter Mountaineering and Skills in Torridon
Hope to get some use out of these little beauties during this trip
22 Jan 2015 - 08 Feb 2015
Two trips in one.
First part 22 Jan - 29 Jan Moffat Hills as preparation and conditioning for 2nd part of trip.

Second part 01 Feb - 08 Feb; Winter Mountaineering and Skills course with MountainVision in Torridon

November 2014 - The Carneddau
Total of 30 peaks planned including the 23 Nuttalls located in The Carneddau.
8 routes which should be able to walk in 7 days.
3 rest days scheduled within the available 10 walking days to allow contingency for bad weather.
Unable to find suitable camp sites with winter facilities for parking camper van so have booked in to YHA Snowdon Pen-y-Pass and YHA Idwall

February 2014 - Brecon Beacons West & Central Wales
5 of 10 walks planned are inBrecon Beacons West
An ambitious plan with 10 walks planned for 12 walking days including driving home to Suffolk at end of last days walking.

Primary objective of trip is to complete the 11 remaining Nuttalls outstanding in the Brecon Beacons, then move on to complete the 11 Nuttalls in Central Wales.

This will take my Welsh Nuttall total to 45 leaving 145 remaining, all of which are in Snowdonia.

I am also intending to visit as many Deweys as practical and have planned some shorter routes exclusively aimed at the lower Deweys in case the weather is too bad to attempt the longer higher Nuttall routes.

Whatever happens I intend to return to Brecon Beacons to complete the Deweys at some time in the future. If ever I needed one that seems like a good enough excuse to return and when they are done there will be the remaining Marylins. Plenty to keep me occupied.

July 2013 - The Black Mountains & Brecon Beacons
Black Mountains (South)
Routes planned for forthcoming trip to The Black Mountains and first Nuttall peak bagging trip to Wales booked for 28 July 2013 staying at Brecon Beacons Youth Hostel.

Routes Seven nights and six walking days should be plenty to achieve the trip objectives of completing all 12 Nuttalls in the area known as the Black Mountains.

April 2013 - The Lake District and the last English Nuttalls
Catstye Cam
With so many variable to contend with I guess this has been one of the most difficult trips to plan. To avoid returning from the Lake District with walks not attempted or peaks not completed I have introduced a new concept in to this plan - contingency. In fact I hope there is more than enough with allowing 8 days to complete 5 days walking. Why so much? Well apart from the weather, which I must allow for, especially as I write this at the end of March there is an unusual amount of deep snow clinging to the fells at not particularly high levels. In addition I am being joined by family and friends so must allow for not only their capabilities, but willingness to go on different terrain. Finally I am trying to manipulate Pillar Rock as the 250th Nuttall due to the special nature of this peak, in as much as it is the only English Nuttall that cannot be reasonably attempted without being secured by a rope. As I have no climbing experience, other than some scrambling I am going to enlist assistance of an MIA guide. Wether Hill is the current candidate for last Nuttall with Catstye Cam a close second. As with all good plans, they may well change - it will all depend on the weather and conditions during the week.

Planning the last 12 Outstanding English Nuttalls

Cold Fell, Seat Allen, 
Haycock, Catstye Cam, 
Wether & Loadpot Hill
It really is time I stopped thinking about this and just getting on with it.

May 2012 - The Cheviots
13 May 2012
Although the title of this series of walks is called 'The Cheviots' the main purpose of this trip is a return to The George & Dragon in Dent for a walking holiday with Gina and our friends David & Wendy Boother.

After 4 days in Dent Gina will return to Ipswich while I will go on to Northumberland to complete the remaining 5 of the 6 Nuttalls there along with picking off the isolated top of Cold Fell near Carlisle on the way home

February 2012 - O/S Yorkshire & Cumbrian Nuttalls
24 Feb 2012

Over 100miles planned with 7000m of ascent scheduled to be walked over 14 days made up of 10 walking days and 4 rest days. This compares with 86 miles walked with 8100m of ascent waked over 10 days - 8 days walking 2 resting during a successful trip to the Lake District last November. So although the distance is further I have 4 more days planned 2 of which are rest days.

Following the success of the last trip in November 2011 to the Lake District and the achievement of bagging all planned Nuttalls, not to mention most of the minor peaks, it makes sense to pay as much attention to planning this trip as I did on the last trip.

In addition to the planning, I also followed a targeted training programme which I feel enabled me to use the earlier walks as an extension to this training, thereby making me stronger as the trip progressed rather than getting tired out on the earlier trips resulting in fewer miles being covered and less ascent being achieved.

The other favourable factor was the good weather or more importantly lack of too much wind and rain. As I do not have any control of this and the start date is more or less fixed due to having to pre-book accommodation, other than getting everything else right, there is not a lot I can do about this.

Once again an ambitious plan, but not too ambitious. Achievable walks planned, punctuated with adequate rest days and extra contingency included for bad weather days. Completing these hills during this trip will leave only 3 more trips to complete all of the English Nuttalls. For this reason I have kept the return date from Dent flexible to allow for particularly bad weather that stops me completing any walks within the planned schedule.

History shows that I always set plans which are too ambitious. The November 2011 is only the second walk I have included plans on this blog, mainly because it is only since the last 2 walks that I have had a blog.

However believe me the failure to complete the walk from Buttermere to Coniston and further more failure to bag as many 2000ft tops as planned is really down to an over ambitious plan.

The Nov 2011 is a genuine attempt not to be over ambitious. I have shown 2 versions of the plan but there was actually one before the first version when I expected to include Northumberland. This became apparent to even me that to plan 3 bases during a winter fortnight (12 days) was setting myself up to fail.

Anyway, version 2 is the plan I am going with. It does include 2 rest days + 1 extra rest day whilst moving base from Ambleside to Windermere. These make allowance for me being too tired to walk or the weather is too severe to walk. Either way rest days (or should I say PLANNED rest days) are something new to me.

We will see.

June 2011 - Buttermere to Coniston + Kentmere Horseshoe

Could make interesting reading comparing what I have planned and what I actually achieve.

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