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My walking trips have yet to extend to Northern Ireland to live up to the title “Peak Bagging and Long Distance Walking in the UK. But it has extended beyond the scope of the initial blog to track my progress visiting all 254 English Nuttalls.

So instead of this page being simply a list of the English Nuttalls, it is now a list of hill types in Britain, which may extend to the UK with links to the individual hill types of each country on a separate page.

If you are interested in routes in a particular area of the UK; go to the  Mountain Areas page. In addition, more routes can be found on the excellent web site - share your adventure

This info is based on my own personal logs taken from the inspirational website Unlike the English Nuttalls I do not expect to visit all of the hills listed (though you never say never) but do show progress in terms of both numbers and percentage.

254 of 256 (99.22%)
108 of 175 (61.71%)
164 of 444 (36.94%)
(56 of 180 31.11%)
County Tops (H)
37 of 49 (75.51%)

190 of 190 (100%)
121 of 158 (76.58%)
142 of 366 (38.80%)
66 of 241 (27.39%)
County Tops (H)
11 of 13 (84.62%)

39 of 282 (13.83%)
11 of 221 (4.98%)
1 of 223 (0.45%)
6 of 89 (6.74%)
Highland Fives
3 of 774 (0.39%)
50 of 1217 (4.11%)
63 of 2166 (2.91%)
County Tops
5 of 31 (16.13%)

56 of 166 (33.73%)
Community HP
3 of 19 (15.79%)
Province HP
7 of 52 (13.%)

Tracking down all the English Nuttalls, travelling to many parts of England introduced me to Peak Bagging with its many benefits, challenges and pleasures. So with the completion of the English Nuttalls I have now turned my attention to all hill types in the UK.

Not only do you get to see the countryside from a perspective that can not be viewed from anywhere else, it provides the catalyst to visit a part of the country you would not ordinarily think about visiting. Thereby providing opportunities to find and explore so many things of local history, culture & interest you never knew existed.

The by product of this is exercise, in some cases extreme exercise, which can be moderated to our own fitness and ability by the walks and hills we tackle.

To that end my wife has said she will join me on some of my trips to visit every County top in England & Wales (leaving the likes of Scafell etc for periods of established high pressure) during 2015. I have to be honest and declare I hope she will then get the bug to progress on to more of the smaller hill types with me to share the pleasures and challenges of hill bagging and country walking long in to our retirement.

My personal challenge is to continue with the Nuttall theme and complete the Welsh Nuttalls. I hope to do this over a four to five year period. The next step that beckons would be the Munros, however rather than take a serial approach and wait to finish the Nuttalls, I intend to visit Scotland at least once per year and knock off a few Munros. I had said about 10 per year making a 28 year project but by then I will be 84, so I reckon I may have to up the pace a bit. In the event I do complete them early, I can always start a 2nd round.

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