Tuesday, 16 August 2016

North Arenigs

Walk Summary
Easy navigation from
Carnedd y Filiast north to Waun Garnedd y Filiast
Straight forwards start following footpath along track for about 2 miles from A4212 to upper contours south of Foel-boeth. With the absence of a clear path decided to head directly uphill and leave track at point marked by a large boulder due south of summit through short cut heather.
No obvious path from Foel-boeth to Llechwedd-llyfn and a little confusion identifying summit due to only having a 6 figure grid reference which was obviously lower than summit candidates. There is a distinctive cairn near the fence but the summit is actually at the 643m spot height also marked by a cairn. There is also a couple of other high points north of the fence which I also visited just in case they become summit at a later date.
From here navigation is straight forward following the fence east to Carnedd y Filiast then north following another fence to the final summit of the day to Waun Garnedd-y-Filiast. Returning on the other side of the fence to give a semblance of a circular walk picking up the track which contours east of Carnedd y Filiast. 
I was seduced in to leaving the path to walk over Brottos summit, although it is not listed on DoBIH it has a spot height of 626m and a col spot height of 613m. Drop is 2m short of Nuttall status but felt compelled to visit it just in case it is ever measured and turns out to be a 15m drop. The ascent through heather was not too bad but the descent was probably the hardest part of the walk. Similar heather coverage as ascent but because it is steeper managed to obscure small drops which could easily cause a stumble if adequate care not taken.
Experience of this descent convinced me to stay on the track all the way back to the van rather than the planned direct route and another heather trot across Y Drum and Craig Lios.
Overall a straight forward walk on a lovely summers afternoon that could easily be tackled with an earlier start on a short winters day.

Walk Statistics
Walk Date - 16 August 2016
Walkers - Steve Smith

Accommodation - Bala Camping and Caravan Club Site
Start Point- Layby on Westbound side of A4212 (SH 85707 41042)
Start Time - 13:01
Finish Point - Layby on Westbound side of A4212 (SH 85707 41042)
Finish Time - 17:46

Total Duration - 4hrs 45mins 
Overall Average pace - 1.80mph
Total Distance Walked - 8.56 miles
Total Height Ascended - 563.43 metres

Peaks visited
Nuttalls (189W - 443E&W)
Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfn [Llechwedd-llyfn] (156W - 410E&W)
Carnedd y Filiast (157E - 411E&W)
Waun Garnedd-y-Filiast (158E - 412E&W)
Hewitts (138W - 318E&W)
Carnedd y Filiast (110W - 289E&W)
Marilyns (158W - 1556E,W&S)
Carnedd y Filiast (90W - 257E,W&S)
Deweys (241E - 421E&W)
Foel-boeth (52W - 107E&W)
HuMPs (364E - 2975EW&S)
Carnedd y Filiast (106W - 340E,W&S)
Historic County Tops (413E - 93E,W&S)
W: Wales.
E&W: England&Wales

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Mynod Nodol from A4212 layby on north shore of Llyn Celyn
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