Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Ysgafell Wens, Moel Druman & Allt-Fawr [Allt Fawr]

Walk Statistics
Walk Date - 26 May 2016
Walkers - Steve Smith

Accommodation - Coed-Y-Llwyn Caravan Club Site
Start Point- Abandoned road off the A470 just north of Tal-y-waenydd (SH 69918 48507)
Finish Point Abandoned road off the A470 just north of Tal-y-waenydd (SH 69918 48507)
Total Duration - 3hrs 54mins 
Overall Average pace - 1.65mph
Total Distance Walked - 6.43 miles
Total Height Ascended - 603.43 metres

Peaks visited
Nuttalls (189W - 443E&W)
Allt-Fawr [Allt Fawr] (145W - 398E&W)
Moel Druman (146W - 399E&W)
Ysgafell Wen (147W - 400E&W)
Ysgafell Wen North Top (148W - 401E&W)
Ysgafell Wen Far North Top (149W - 402E&W)
Hewitts (138W - 317E&W)
Allt-Fawr [Allt Fawr] (103W - 282E&W)
Moel Druman (104W - 283E&W)
Ysgafell Wen (105W - 284E&W)
Ysgafell Wen North Top (106W - 285E&W)
Marilyns (175E - 1556E,W&S)
Allt-Fawr [Allt Fawr] (86W - 248E,W&S)
Deweys (181E - 422E&W)
HuMPs (444E - 2975EW&S)
Allt-Fawr [Allt Fawr] (101W - 330E,W&S)
Historic County Tops (49E - 93E,W&S)
W: Wales. 
E,W&S:England,Wales & Scotland

Other walks on this trip
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25th Moelwyns Mawr & Bach and two other nearby Nuttalls from Tanygrisiau
26th The Ysgafell Wens, Moel Druman & Allt-Fawr from Tal-y-waenydd

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More Photographs
Steep ascent up Allt -fawr on far side of Llyn Iwerddon
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