Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2017 Walks

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Objectives for the year
Looking back on the objectives for last year at the start of blog page titled 2016 walks, the similar note to the one I am writing here for this year, and comparing it to last years yearend review at the end of that page I find it hard to believe I had/have a feeling of frustration about not doing enough peak bagging.
The primary focus was to complete the English & Welsh Nuttalls before my 60th birthday last November. The objective did however take in to the account the magnitude of the task - given there were 103 Nuttalls remaining, nearly 20 more than I had managed in any of the previous 8 years.
This was mitigated by recognising the Marilyns may be the main focus but with an equally challenging objective to reach 600 and qualify for Marilyn Hall of fame (MarHoF) by June 2017. Reaching 300 Marilyns by September 2016 from a start total for 2016 of 182 would be an interim indicator if I would be on track.
Well I only managed 300 Marilyns for the whole year so yes the objective was not achieved, but as a regular reader you will know I did complete the English & Welsh Nuttalls before my 60th birthday on Arenig Fach.
With the completion of English & Welsh Nuttalls as well as identifying short term goals for the year I need to identify a satisfactory challenging yet achievable objective. This in fact is easily done and it will be to complete the 1556 GB Marilyns. The scope and scale of it is the challenging bit and as of Jan 2017 has only been completed by 10 individuals with Rob Woodhall being the first, closely followed by Eddie Dealtry in October 2014.
Not sure when this might be achieved, within 10 years - before birthday 70 seems reasonable.
The closed objective for this year is to qualify for MarHoF by the end of the year. A suitably
 challenging objective, but if it is not what is the point of it, effectively and actually committing to double the Marilyn total of 300 already reached over 8 years of peak bagging.
An average of 25 per month but with up to 3 months out for foreign travel that increases to 34. Yep a challenge, especially with only 13 completed for January.

We will see. Only time will tell. But if you don't set a target how do you measure success? Whatever happens I will be closer to the 10 year objective which still requires 126 Marilyns per year. Only 10 more than last year. Every year.
 06th Long Fell & Tinside Rigg the final English Nuttall (again)
 19th Peel Fell & Larriston Fells
 20th Blackwood Hill & Roan Fell
 21st Cauldcleuch Head & Greatmoor Hill

Greatmoor Hill was my  1000th Hill (excluding minor TUMPs) logged on since first starting hill bagging back in June 2008. Quite a milestone but with over 1200 Marilyns remaining provides some idea of the scope and scale of the current task which lies ahead.
1022 including all TUMPS making a 97.85% ratio.

 21st Ellson Fell
 23rd Andrewhinney Ridge
 24th White Meldon & Cademuir Hill
 25th Meigle Hill, Black Fell & Eildon Mid Hill
 29th Moncrieffe Hill
30 Marilyns per month based on 10 walking months for the year is the target to achieve the notional objective of 300 Marilyns by the end of December 2017 and thereby enter the Marilyn Hall of Fame. With only 14 managed in January the likelihood of achieving said objective is mighty slim. Having said that 14 per month is still 140 on the same basis for the year and 24 more than the 116 managed in what was the most prolific Marilyn year of 2016 and keeps me on target to complete all 1556 Marilyns before my  70th birthday.
The screen shot on the left gives an indication of the gargantuan task ahead in terms of both scope and scale. The green triangle indicate the summits left to visit. Seemingly impossible but clearly not since it has indeed been achieved so far by 10 intrepid trailblazing hill-baggers.
I suppose looking at the psychology it is that appearance of impossibility that attracts me to the task made that bit harder by my attempt to document each hill with a GPS tracklog, route details, and some kind of photo commentary with captioned photographs, including summit picture published within this blog.
I have said it before at times that part seems harder than the actual walking, only time will tell if I manage to achieve both objectives, but in my mind if I do not set targets and monitor them I have no chance.
If you can't measure it - you can't manage it.
 03rd Long Crag
17th North Berwick Law
18th Scald Law & Black Hill
19th Mendick Hill, Black Mount & Broomy Law
20th Whitehope and the Windlestraw Laws
21st East Cairn Hill
22nd Wether Law & Allermuir Hill
23rd Broughton Marilyns
24th Calkin Rig, Grange Fell & Pikethaw Hill
25th Belling Hill, Rubers Law & Wisp Hill
26th Goseland Hill & Lamington Hill
27th Beinn Narnain and A'Chrois
28th Meall Mor & Glas Bheinn
29th Glas Bheinn Mhor & Beinn na Cro
30th Beinn na Seamraig & Ben Aslack
01st Cuillin Ridge An Dorus to Coir' a' Tairneilear
02nd Inaccessible Pinnacle & Sgurr na Banachdich
03rd Meall a' Mhaoil and Loch Ainort Peninsula TUMPs
04th Am Basteir & Bhasteir Tooth
05th Bla Bheinn [Blabheinn] [Blaven]
06th Sgurr Na Stri
07th Glamaig and the Beinn Deargs
08th Beinn nan Carn
09th Garbh-bheinn Marilyns less Marsco
11th Broadford Marilyns & Beinn Dearg Bheag
12th Sleat Penisinsular Marilyns
14th Sgurr an Airgid
16th Beinn na Sroine & Beinn Udlaidh
17th Meall Odhar & Beinn Chuirn from By The Way, Tyndrum
121 Marilyns climbed in each of England, Wales & Scotland
21 walking days out of a total of 24 walking 149.63miles with 19609.16m of ascent climbing; 6 Munros, 5 Corbetts, 6 Grahams and 35 Marilyns, turns out to be my longest and with 70 summits (62 excluding minor TUMPs) my most prolific trip.
With expectations to walk more than 2 or 3 Marilyns on any walking day I had expected to manage more Marilyns on this trip taking my total to closer to 400. As it turned out the efforts and energy, both mental and physical, used on the Isle of Skye Munros meant that I had to make the extra effort to reach 363 the to create the national symmetry of 121 in each of the 3 nations of Great Britain. I have had my eye on this figure since noticing I had climbed 121 in each of England and Wales back in January on Peel Fell. Probably the last time any kind of symmetry across the three nations will be achieved until completion percentage is 100% for each nation.
Since returning from Scotland last month I have been enjoying the hot sunny weather in Suffolk and getting all the jobs that need doing in the garden. I had thought I had had enough peak bagging in April and May to last me the 8 weeks until July and my next Scottish peak bagging trip to Killin.

24th Llan Ddu Fawr [Waun Claerddu]
25th Hafod Ithel
26th Banc Llechwedd-mawr, Drosgol & Disgwylfa Fawr
27th Gareg-hir and Bryn Amlwg
Turns out It was not.
However surprisingly after arriving in Wales I struggled to motivate myself to get out in to the hills. Caught in two minds about returning home on 26th I managed to turn off the A44 at Ponterwyd and manage the three isolated Marilyns east of Pumlumon Fawr [Plynlimon]. It was still a struggle to get out on the 27th but managed the two either side of the A470 near Carno leaving just 2 Marilyns; Esgair Ddu and Carnedd Wen to complete Area 31:Mid Wales & Pembrokeshire. 
Disappointingly I succumbed to the inevitable and returned home on the 28th and following a visit to the Drs have decided to go back on the old Fluxotine after just 6 months, which I had been on for more than 20 years. Will see out it goes but seems I do need help with my Serotonin management. I had been having problems with motivation since getting back from Skye but if I am having difficulty in motivating myself to go up a hill there is a problem. 
Welsh Marilyns
Red - Complete. Green - Still to do

On the positive side I have managed 7 Marilyns I might not have got round to for some time. Leaving just 30 Marilyns, mostly in Areas 30A and 30C, five in South Wales and the last two in Area 31 to complete Wales.
23rd Camping Paraiso to Torre El Aguilo then Benidorm
27th Alto de Cortina
28th Monte Benacantil and Castillo de Santa Barbara, Alicante

02nd Sierra Helada
16th More area 28 Marilyns on the way to Glen Shiel
18th Meall nam Maigheach & Drummond Hill
19th Ben Lawers ridge
21st Kintail Ridge - The Three Brothers
22nd Kintail Ridge North - The Five Sisters
24th Ciste Dhubh & Am Bàthach
25th Biod an Fhithich
26th Cluanie Ridge East (Creag a'Mhaim - Maol Chinn-dearg)
27th Cluanie Ridge West (Maol Chinn-dearg - Creag nan Damh)
29th Sgùrr Mhic Bharraich
30th Carn Ghluasaid, Sgùrr nan Conbhairean & Sail Chaorainn
02nd Sgùrr na Sgine
23rd The last minor Marilyns of Area 28 and first real foray in to Area 27
24th Gallow & Hind Hill

25th Gathersnow Hill
26th Queensberry
27th See Morris & Killyleoch Hill
28th Minch Moor
30th Ben Bowie
01st Beinn Ime
02nd Ben Vane
03rd Ben Vorlich (Arrochar)
04th Beinn Bhreac & Tullich Hill