Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2016 Walks

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Objectives for the year
This years focus as in all previous years is still going to be the Nuttalls, however for the first time a new more challenging objective is seducing me away from the Nuttalls.
Completion of all 1556 GB Marilyns including the Isle of Man.
Easy when you just say it but a feat that, as of time of writing (Jan 2016), a goal that only 4 people have achieved, with Rob Woodhall and Eddie Dealtry being the first in October 2014 on Stac Lee, a 172m sea stack in the Outer Hebrides on the archipelago of St. Kilda.
It is also a commitment to climb every Corbet due to their 500' (152.4m) prominence criterion and 202 Munros, however after Nuttalls completion the Munros will be the secondary focus anyway. Get them done whilst I still can.
This is going to be a 10 year minimum project but before I can concentrate fully, giving it my full attention I first want to complete all of the 443 Nuttalls of England and Wales.
Last years target was to complete them before my 60th birthday and with 126 left at the beginning of 2015 it was a reasonable target to spread these over the two years remaining before the big six O.
However after 6 months out last year forced by the infamous bad back, managing only 26 Nuttalls, 103 (of which only 37 are Marilyns) in the remaining 10 months and 18 days seems a tall order. It is certainly more Nuttalls than I have climbed in any one year since starting in 2008. 2009 was the most prolific year with 84 being climbed.
True to form I have not changed this objective, however maybe due to my new found wisdom and to ensure focus on a single goal I am opting for the long game and declaring the Marilyns as the primary focus.
Part of that focus includes qualifying for the MarHoF 2017 meet by climbing 600 Marilyns. So let's see where we are with the Nuttalls by say mid Summer before I start planning any Nuttall completion parties in November 2016.
The Nuttall rate will be approx. 10 per month and the Marilyn rate with 416 to do in 17 months will be 24.4706, lets say 25 per month 
 23rd The Wrekin, Corndon Hill, Caeliber Isaf & Beacon Hill (Long Mountain)
 24th Upper Park, Y Golfa, Stingwern Hill & Allt y Main
 25th Moel y Golfa
 26th Moel y Cerrig Duon
 26th Pen y Brynfforchog, Nuttall No 350
 28th Foel Cae'rberllan & Craig Goch [Mynydd Cwmcelli]
 29th Rhayader Marilyns
 06th Brown Clee Hill - Shropshire's Historic County Top
 08th Moel Sych & Cadair Berwyn - Montgomeryshire's & Denbighshire's Historic County Tops
 12th Craig y Llyn - Glamorgan's Historic County Top Foel Fynyddau & Mynydd Dinas
 14th Mynydd Allt-y-grug & Mynydd Uchaf
 21st Y Garn to Carnedd y Filiast ridge
 22nd Gallt yr Ogof & Y Foel Goch
 23th Mynydd Mawr
 24th Moels Eilio & Cynghorion, Foel Gron and Llechog from YHA Llanberis
 26th Nantlle Ridge north to south

Objectives for the Year review so far
March and April walks now added. Lack of hyper links testament to how much time away walking as well as how much catching up to do with walk reports
 21th Foel Penolau & Moel Ysgyfarnogod
 23th Snowdon Horseshoe
 25th Moelwyns Mawr & Bach and two other nearby Nuttalls from Tanygrisiau
 26th The Ysgafell Wens, Moel Druman & Allt-Fawr from Tal-y-waenydd
 19th Mynydd Nodol
 20th Pendle Hill, Lad Law & Freeholds Top
 21st Hutton Roof Crags & Arnside Knott
 22nd Pillar Rock - The 254th and final English Nuttall
 07th Calf Top
 08th Moel Siabod
 09th Yr Aran and Gallt y Wenallt
 11th The Manods & Moel Penamnen from Blaenau Ffestiniog
 12th The Cnichts
 13th Moel Hebog - The Beddgelert Three
 14th Moel-y-Gest
 15th Five Nuttalls of the Central Rhinogs
 18th Rhobell Fawr & Dduallt
 19th Rhinog Fawr from Cwm-bychan Farm
 21st Gorllwyn & Drygarn Fawr
 22nd Pen y Garn
 22nd Bryn y Fan
 24th Foel Goch and the four Deweys from Bala C&CC campsite
 25th North West Arans
 06th Arenig Fach
 22nd Gwaunceste Hill
 22nd Carneddau
 22nd The Begwns
 22nd Pen y Garn-goch
 23rd Aberedw Hill
 23rd Mynydd Epynt [Mynydd Eppynt]
 23rd Crugiau Merched
 23rd Mynydd Cynros
 24th Frenni Fawr
 24th Mynydd Carningli
 24th Foel Cwmcerwyn
 24th Brandy Hill
 25th Rhos Ymryson
 25th Pen-crug-melyn
 25th Trichrug
 06th Birch Hill
 18th Crowborough
 18th Chanctonbury Ring [Chanctonbury Hill]
 19th Butser Hill
 19th Nine Barrow Down
 19th Hardown Hill
 19th Lewesdon Hill
 20th Selworthy Beacon
 20th Periton Hill
 20th Dunkery Beacon
 20th Wills Neck
 21st Staple Hill

Year end review
Here we are at the end of yet once again is the year I was going to give this peak bagging malarki a real go.
Here are the highlights:-
With 225 (223 excluding those minor TuMP thingies) peaks logged on it is my most prolific year in terms of hill numbers bagged.
105 unclimbed Nuttalls visited to complete all 446 English & Welsh Nuttalls.
300 GB Marilyn milestone reached, half way to MarHoF.
Claimed my first overseas summit in Portugal on Foia 
So where does the feeling of frustration come from that I have not done enough hill-bagging and want to do more in 2017. If anyone can answer that question please let me know.
Completion of the Nuttalls was the primary focus for 2016 on the basis it was the hill list that got me in to peak bagging back in 2008 and I wanted to complete that list before embarking on the more challenging GB Marilyns in terms of both scope and scale.
I did briefly concentrate on Marilyns during the first two months of the year but this was more to do with not attempting too strenuous walks as part of rehabilitation from a back injury that kept me out of the hills for 6 months of 2015. Reassurance that no matter what physical capabilities you have there will always be a hill to climb.
Once rehabilitated the focus rightly returned to Nuttalls, with the objective of completing them all before my 60th birthday. This was achieved on 06 November (12 days before my birthday) on Arenig Fach with wife, friends and new found hill bagging buddies. Thanks to all who turned out in what were less than ideal weather conditions with the first snow of the year, poor visibility and cold north easterly winds. Apart from that it was perfect.
With the year’s main objective complete and nearly two months of the year remaining the choice was to stay at home and find some jobs or find a new focus. Could not think of any jobs that needed doing so decided to finish years Marilyn total on 300, which was conveniently achieved on Staple Hill on 21 December. This leaves the way open to introduce the closed objective for 2017 to qualify for MarHof by the end of the year. Quite a target considering it involves doubling the number of Marilyns visited during my entire 8 year peak bagging journey. Well if you don’t set an objective you don’t have anything to work towards. We will see. 

So here is the years total with Nuttalls being the main focus the total for P15’s was 102
116 - P150 Marilyns
127 - P100 HuMPs
  84 - 600m/P30 Simms
189 - P30 TUMPs

Here also are the years total for prominence lists on a world scale. Only 5 visited this year with 4 of them being in GB, all of those in Wales. 
World (total in brackets)
0   (0) - P1500
1   (1) - P1000 (Snowdon)
5 (22) - P600 (4 GB, 1 Portugal) 

Seems appropriate (to me anyway) that 2016 was my first foreign bagged summit and it is the year that RHSoc is interested in international yearend totals. 
It is also the year I decided to add some foreign summits to my priority hill lists. To that end I have 4 weeks (2 weeks in June 2017 and 2 weeks in July 2017) peak bagging planned in Spain, returning through France. If anyone wants to join me for a few days you are most welcome. Hoping to start the P1500 list as well as significantly increase the P1000’s visited. These are lists where there is simply no chance of completing. Of course we all know what No 1 is on these lists.
Just hope it is not too much of a distraction for me working on the GB Marilyns.
One thing for sure, if there was any risk you are going to run out of hills in GB there is not a chance if you venture beyond our shores.