Thursday, 21 April 2016

Y Garn to Carnedd y Filiast ridge including Elidir Fawr spur

Walk summary
Welcome sight at end of hard day.
Tryfan framed by trees outside Idwall Youth Hostel
With just over a month since my last Nuttall walk - Cwm Cywarch ring from Glasgwm to Pen yr Allt Uchaf with some Marilyn bagging with Gina in South Wales in between I felt well enough prepared physically to tackle this big walk on the first day of this trip. With both Y Garn and Elidir Fawr being over 3000' as well as four other Nuttalls the walk would involve over 1400m of ascent and albeit with a shorter walk in to the first summit would be equivalent to some of the easier Munro walks north of the border.
One thing that did surprise me was the lack of a single trig point on any of the six summits, testament I guess to the routes close proximity to Snowdon.

A most satisfying walk and although the wind chill brought temperatures down did manage to keep my coat off for all of the walk. What I did not bank on but was continually aware during the day was the risk of sunburn. I ended up with a slight red hue on face and hands but did not bother with the sun cream I have carried around for ages to avoid the cream ending up in my eyes transported by sweat. Not sure how to avoid this maybe put cream on well before setting off but that is just something else to remember.
Finally the overall pace for the day, including meal breaks was 1.37mph. No where near my aspirational pace of 2mph but not surprising either. My over riding thought throughout the day was to keep a steady pace and not over exert myself. In effect saving myself for future planned walks for the week ahead and not burning myself out on the first or even second day of the trip. Well I feel I have done that we will see how I feel tomorrow and more importantly later in the week.

Walk Statistics
Walk Date -21 April 2016
Walkers - Steve Smith

Accommodation - YHA Idwall Cottage
Start Point- YHA Idwall Cottage  (SH 64901 60358)
Finish Point YHA Idwall Cottage  (SH 64901 60358)
Total Duration - 7hrs 17mins 
Overall Average pace - 1.37mph
Total Distance Walked - 9.98 miles
Total Height Ascended - 1437.62 metres

Peaks visited
Nuttalls (189W - 443E&W)
Y Garn (113W - 366E &W)
Foel-goch (114W - 367E &W)
Elidir Fawr (115W - 368E &W)
Mynydd Perfedd (116W - 369E &W)
Carnedd y Filiast (117W - 370E &W)
Carnedd y Filiast North Top [Y Fronllwyd] (118W - 371E &W)
Hewitts (138W - 317E&W)
Y Garn (81W - 260E &W)
Foel-goch (82W - 261E &W)
Elidir Fawr (83W - 262E &W)
Carnedd y Filiast (84W - 263E &W)
Marilyns (158W - 1556E,W&S)
Y Garn (75W - 237E,W &S)
Elidir Fawr (76W - 238E,W &S)
Deweys (241E - 422E,W&S)
HuMPs (366E - 2975E,W&S)
Y Garn (89W - 318E,W &S)
Elidir Fawr (90W - 319E,W &S)
Historic County Tops (49E - 93E,W&S)
W: Wales. 
E,W&S:England,Wales & Scotland

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22nd Y Foel Goch & Gallt yr Ogof
23rd Mynydd Mawr
24th Moels Eilio & Cynghorion, Foel Gron and Llechog from YHA Llanberis
26th Nantlle Ridge

OS 1:25,000 route map to follow.
GPX can be downloaded from

More Photographs
Marchlyn Mawr and Marchlyn Bach Reservoirs from Elidir Fawr summit
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