Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ditchling Beacon - East Sussex Historic County Top

Walk Description
Route for today's 0.27 mile short walk from
Ditchling Beacon car park 
to Ditchling Bracon summit
Peak bagging with a difference for me today.
With the exception of Mynydd Bwlch-y-Groes visited as a 'drive up' during my first trip to the Brecon Beacons on a wet weather day last year, today's summit is the first I have claimed that has not involved a lengthy walk as part of the bagging process. Well if I thought it was a good idea then I should understand why Gina suggested the same today, by driving to the closest accessible point and walking the final few metres to claim the summit.
Ditchling Beacon
Compared to yesterdays bright crisp conditions, today was a filthy day with low cloud and wet drizzle so why would anyone want to walk nearly 10 miles just to say we had visited a peak sometime during the walk. Well in all honesty I would, especially as it involved including Hollingbury Hill and at the same time Hollingbury Castle, but I have to admit I can see the merits of this pragmatic approach. After all visiting the 63 English & Welsh County Tops is a joint venture for us to enjoy together not made more difficult by my insistence to make it more challenging than needs be by including as part of a long walk. There will be plenty of opportunities to challenge ourselves when we get round to the Welsh and more northern English counties.
Ditchling Beacon represents the 13th of the 63 English & Welsh County Tops we have visited so far and the 2nd of the 4 we plan to visit during this trip so regardless of whether we have walked 10 miles or 10 metres to claim this summit we are working on the trips stated aims and long term objective.
Job Done. We can always revisit as part of a long walk when we do the South Downs Way.

Walk Statistics
Walk Date - 03 January 2014
Walkers - Steve Smith, Gina Smith

Accommodation - Gatwick Caravan Club Site
Start Point - Ditchling Beacon car park
Start Time - 15:45
Finish Point 
Ditchling Beacon car park
Finish Time - 16:03
Duration - 0hrs 18mins
Average pace - 0.90mph
Distance Walked - 0.27 miles
Height Ascended - 12.22metres

Other walks on this trip
02nd Leith Hill - Surrey Historic County Top
03rd Ditchling Beacon, East Sussex Historic County Top
05th Black Down, West Sussex Historic County Top
06th Betsoms Hill, Kent Historic County Top

Peaks visited
Nuttalls (254E - 444E&W)
Hewitts (138E - 317E)
Marilyns (158E - 1550E,W&S)
Ditchling Beacon (60W - 114E,W&S)
Deweys (241E - 427EW&S)
HuMPs (364W - 2977EW&S)
Ditchling Beacon (107E - 178E,W&S)
Historic County Top (49E - 63E&W 94E,W&S)
Betsoms Hill (26E - 30E&W -32E,W&S)
E: England. 
E,W&S:England,Wales & Scotland

A large map for today's short walk. The short walk is represented by the blue line at the top of the map below

More Photographs
Winter conditions at Ditchling car park? Fraid not chalk of the South Downs
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