Friday, 9 March 2012

Great Knoughtberry Hill

Walk Statistics
Walk Date - 09 March 2012
Walkers - Steve Smith
Accommodation - George & Dragon, Dent
Start Point -  George & Dragon, Dent (GR SD70509 86996)
Start Time - 09:50
Finish Point - George & Dragon, Dent (GR SD70509 86996)
Finish Time - 14:56
Duration - 5hrs 06mins
Average pace - 2.83mph
Distance Walked - 14.41miles
Height Ascended - 818.08metres

Peaks visited
Nuttalls (253)
Great Knoughtberry Hill (233)
Hewitts (178)
Great Knoughtberry Hill (164)
Marilyns (176)
Great Knoughtberry Hill (51)
HuMPs (444)
Great Knoughtberry Hill (87)



Walk Description

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