Friday, 24 February 2012

Horton to Litton

Walk Statistics
Walk Date - 24 February 2012
Walkers - Steve Smith
Accommodation - Litton, Queens Arms public house
Start Point - Horton-in Ribblesdale train station (GR SD80373 72622)
Start Time - 14:11
Finish Point - Litton, Queens Arms public house (GR SD90731 74104)
Finish Time - 17:22
Duration - 3hrs 11mins
Average pace - 2.69mph
Distance Walked - 8.57miles
Height Ascended - 349.36metres

Peaks visited
No peaks bagged on this walk.


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Walk Description
Just a few snaps taken on the walk from Horton-in Ribblesdale to Litton on the first leg of three at the beginning of my 2 week peak bagging trip.
I had intended to take the bare minimum of clothes and supplies which once packed into my 65 litre pack only weighed 44lbs.
However I had not packed a sleeping bag which I usually take with me in my day sack in case of an emergency to make my survival bag more welcoming and more importantly my lap top which I will be using to try and keep up with photo-editing and blogging during the trip.
So I put these into my 50litre pack, which is in fact more suited to use as a day pack and without going overboard added a few supplies with which I can make up my daily snack bags, including nuts, oat bars, soup sachets and home made flap-jack.
Not a lot you may think, but including the pack weight an extra 20lbs making a total to carry of 64lbs - on par with what I carried at the start of the Pennine Way and 14lbs more than I had trained for.
Gina suggested I get a taxi, however as it was such a beautiful day and also that I had no intention of jumping in a taxi on the first day walking after planning this trip for the last 4 weeks it was Shanks's Pony.
Before setting off from Horton I had to sort out packs. After trying to strap the two packs together at Leeds station and finding it was too awkward I decided to put the smaller pack on my front and the larger one on my back. From the side, it must have looked more like two red turtles having sex, but regardless of what it looked like it certainly worked well with the light weight at the front counterbalancing the heavier weight on my back resulting, in a much better posture, which aided by my trek poles seemed more than manageable as I set off.

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