Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Cheviot Nuttalls

Routes and Accommodation

There are only 6 Nuttalls in the Cheviots and for that matter Northumberland. Below are the 3 walks I completed to visit on only 2 separate trips, the first by chance included Windy Gyle was only a passing visit as focused on completion of the Pennine Way, but was distracted by the stunning scenery. One of my greatest memories of the entire Pennine Way was to be above a temperature inversion on Auchope Cairn.

Temperature inversion from Auchope Cairn
Having completed the English Nuttalls back in April 2013, I had visited many parts of the UK simply to complete this quest. What I had not bargained for was the introduction to parts of the UK I had not been before, that would want me pining for more.
Not only will I be returning to visit more of the "smaller" hills in Northumberland, there are 23 Deweys (Hills between 500m and 610m) there are also a further 33 sub 500m hills with a prominence of more than 100m (HuMPs) and 150m (Marilyns) including those that miss out by less than 10m. And if these are not enough there are 190 hills less than 500m with a prominence of 30m (TuMPs).

For the days when I want a rest from walking there are all the other things I have discovered like the plethora of castles, Northumberland is not called the County of the Castles for nothing. Joining English Heritage is well worth while. Talking of heritage the area is rich in Industrial heritage everywhere you go, not to mention the cultural and religous heritage.

Lots of excuses, if every I needed any to return to Northumberland for many years to come.

Total Nuttalls - 6, Total climbed 6 (100.00%)

Accommodation 17 Oct 2010 - 18 Oct 2010 Byrness Youth Hostel
18 Oct 2010  Pennine Way - Day18
Accommodation 18 May 2013 - 21 May 2012 Wooler Youth Hostel
19 May 2012 Cushat Law
20 May 2012 North Cheviots & Bloodybush Edge

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